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Assistance for Children with Disabilities

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Services help children with disabilities and their families meet their needs for daily living in their community and stay together as a family.

First, a child must qualify for a program that offers a particular service, and then the family partners with a Services Coordinator. Together, they will assess the child’s needs and determine if the child needs and is eligible for a particular service.


  • I need a short break from full-time care giving so that I can refresh, recharge, and continue as a good caregiver.  Respite Services
  • I need changes to my home or vehicle to make it more accessible for my child with disabilities, or my child needs adaptive equipment to help him or her with activities of daily living.  Assistive Technology/Home Modification
  • I need information about the importance of food/nutrition as it relates to my child’s medical condition.  Nutrition Services
  • My infant or toddler is behind in his/her development or is at-risk for developmental delays due to illness or abuse. I would like services to help my child in our home.  Early Development Network
  • My child has very high medical needs, like a trach (tracheostomy) or ventilator, and now needs nursing care so he/she can stay at home.  Katie Beckett
  • My child needs transportation to medical appointments, and we don’t have a vehicle or any way to travel to the medical appointments.  Transportation Services
  • I have a vehicle but can’t keep up with the high cost of traveling and staying in hotels when my child has an out-of-town medical appointment or hospitalization.   Services from Disabled Children’s Program (DCP)
  • My child needs training to become more independent in day to day activities of living. S/he needs training to overcome or compensate for the effects of physical disabilities. As caregiver, I may also need special training.  Independence Skills Building

What programs may offer services that my child with disabilities could need?

I know someone who wants to become my service provider. How do they apply?

They would need to contact a “resource developer” in their area to apply.

More about becoming a service provider.