Home and Community Services
Assistance for Adults with Disabilities Age 18 - 64

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Home and community services help adults with disabilities to meet their needs for daily living in their own home or apartment.

First, a person must qualify for a program that offers services. After qualifying for a program, the “client” partners with a Services Coordinator.  Together, they will assess the client’s needs and determine if the client needs a particular service.


  • I need help with housekeeping, laundry, meals, paying bills, essential errands and shopping, personal care, and minor home repairs. Or, I may need supervision. Chore Services
  • I need help bathing, dressing, walking, toileting, eating, shopping, and other activities so that I can live as independently as possible. Chore or Personal Assistance Service
  • My primary caregiver occasionally needs a short break from caring for me full-time, so that s/he can refresh, recharge, and continue as a good caregiver. Respite Services
  • I need transportation to medical appointments or to make essential trips to community services, grocery shopping, etc. Transportation Service
  • I’m unable to prepare my own meals, and there’s no one else who can prepare my meals. Home Delivered Meals
  • I need changes made to my home, such as remodeling the bathroom or a ramp to get in and out of the house, that will help me live as independently as possible. I need assistive devices so that I can be as independent as possible in doing my daily activities. Assistive Technology/Home Modifications Service
  • I need to learn how I can become more independent in my daily activities and how to manage my physical disabilities. My caregiver may also need this training. Independence Skills Building
  • I know I need to improve what I eat and how I eat. I need information about the importance of food/nutrition as it relates to my disability. I need an expert to help me chose nutritious foods and develop healthy eating habits. Nutrition Services
  • I may need emergency help at any time while in my home. No one may be around to help me. I’m worried that I may not be able to use the phone to call for help. Personal Emergency Response System
  • I want to live in a home-like setting. However, I need to live in a facility where people assist with my personal care, day to day activities and health maintenance. Assisted Living Service
  • I don’t need 24-hour institutional care. However, because of my physical or mental impairment, I need a program of structured and monitored social, physical, and intellectual services or activities, in a group setting, for at least three hours a day. Adult Day Services
  • I can’t live by myself and need some supervision, and I would prefer to live in a family setting. Adult Family Home
  • I have a terminal disease and need end-of-life care. Hospice
  • I am in need of skilled nursing or aide services so I can be healthy and safe at my home. Home Health

What programs may offer services that an adult with disabilities could need?

I know someone who wants to become my service provider. How do they apply?

They would need to contact a “resource developer” in their area to apply.

More about becoming a service provider.