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NEW"Home and Community Based Aged and Disabled Waiver is in the process of renewal and submission to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Click on the documents below for more information”.




Aged and Disabled Waiver Renewal Public Meeting Notice UPDATED LOCATION
Aged and Disabled Waiver Renewal draft
Summary of Proposed Changes to the Aged and Disabled Waiver
Presentation AD Waiver Renewal Summary of Changes March 2016

  • Questions or comments about the Waiver Renewal?  Email Us!!!

Nebraska continues efforts to meet the HCBS Final Rule to find out more, click here.




 Welcome to the Home and Community-Based Services website.

Our mission is to design, implement, and oversee programs and services that: 

  • Enable families with children or adults with disabilities to stay together, or
  • Allow elderly and persons with disabilities to remain independent and participate in integrated community living and services.

We strive to make services easy to access, available statewide, and of a high quality that allows clients to achieve their goals and outcomes.

Whether you are a client, family member, provider, agency staff, medical professional, volunteer, or general public joining us on our website, we invite you to begin a journey through our programs and services. We have tried to link you with other services that may also meet your needs. We also invite you to ask us questions or give suggestions as you explore the HCBS pages.

Good luck to you in your search. We want you to have the information you need to make choices for you and your family.

I need assistance for:

A child with disabilities