Financial Services

Mike Michalski, Chief Financial Officer

The Financial Services Division provides support to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) through:

  • Budget development and monitoring;
  • State and federal report compilation;
  • Audit coordination, accounting transactions;
  • Revenue collections and monitoring;
  • Grant and contract support;
  • Medicaid reimbursement and claims processing;
  • Research;
  • Consultation on performance measurement;
  • Financial and program analysis.

The Division is sub-divided into five Financial Services Units including the:


DHHS Finance & Support
Financial Services Division
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026

Financial Services Units

ACCOUNTING: The Accounting Unit provides financial support for funds paid or received by DHHS. It is the system for receiving, recording, paying and auditing DHHS business transactions.

Functions/Primary Responsibilities:

  • Accounts Payable: Payment of Invoice and Expense Documents

  • Accounts Receivable: Receiving DHHS Licensing and Fee payments

  • Manage DHHS cash funds

  • Internal Control Management: Separation of staff duties to prevent fraud

  • Financial Reporting: Prepare the DHHS portion of the Nebraska Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

  • Draft Financial Policies and Procedures for DHHS policy makers

  • Labor Cost Distribution: Distributing DHHS payroll/labor costs

  • Audit Management: Coordination of Active DHHS Audits

For more information contact the Unit Leader: Jerad Jelinek (402) 471-8935

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MEDICAID AND FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Medicaid and Financial Responsibility unit provides financial support for the Medicaid division and other state programs. Because of the variety of responsibilities performed by unit members, this Unit is separated into three work units:  Medicaid Financial Support, Financial Responsibility and Client Support Services.

Medicaid Financial Support : Perform financial support procedures for the Medicaid division and federal government.
Medicaid Financial Support Functions/Primary Responsibilities:


  • Process and collect overpayments, refunds, and third-party payments for Medicaid provider claims
  • Process payments and deposits related to on-going Medicaid activities
Financial Responsibility: Collect payments from consumers receiving treatment or care from one or more of the state’s regional care centers and community and home-based developmental disability programs.
Financial Responsibility Functions/Primary Responsibilities:
  • Determine clients ability-to-pay for services received. This is determined based on current laws and regulations
  • Perform billing and collection procedures to ensure clients are aware of and meet their financial obligation to the state
  • Bill third-party payers for clients such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. These bills supplement consumer payments
  • Perform Social Security payee responsibilities to assure funds are appropriately disbursed to meet the needs of state wards
  • Collect and disburse excess child support payments to the state
Client Support Services: Perform financial support procedures for clients receiving financial aid from programs such as Child Care, Foster Care, ADC-Aid to Dependent Children, and AABD-Assistance to the Aged, Blind or Disabled.
Client Support Services Functions/Primary Responsibilities:
  • Collect overpayment of aid to dependent children, aid to the aged, blind and disabled, childcare, children and family services
  • Interim Assistance Reimbursement: Process repayment from SSA claim settlements
For more information contact: Jerad Jelinek (402) 471-8935


BUDGET: The Budget Unit is responsible for preparing, coordinating, communicating and monitoring the DHHS budget. The DHHS Budget Process is provided to help you understand the numbers within the DHHS budget.

Functions/Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare the Biennial (2-year) Budget requests

  • Distribute funding into DHHS budgets. This assists managers in monitoring operations and aid

  • Help in projecting revenues to support DHHS expenses

  • Balance DHHS Budget Reports with legislative appropriations

  • Distribute and monitor DHHS employee salaries and wages

  • Assist with Fiscal Notes to Legislative Bills

  • Communicate and work with the governor’s budget office

For more information contact the Unit Leader: Patrick Werner (402) 471-1585      


 FINANCIAL & PROGRAM ANALYSIS (FAPA): The FAPA Unit provides financial, statistical, and budgetary support for DHHS aid programs.

Functions/Primary Responsibilities:

For more information contact the Unit Leader: Kim Collins (402) 471-9104

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GRANTS & COST MANAGEMENT: The Grants and Cost Management unit provides technical assistance and support to DHHS program offices related to federal grants and programs. Because of the variety of responsibilities performed by unit members, this Unit is separated into two work units: Grants and Cost Management.

Grants Functions/Primary Responsibilities:

  • Enter grant awards into the Grants accounting schedule of the State accounting system

  • Prepare financial reports for DHHS Federal grants

  • Receive, review and maintain audits of sub-grant units

  • Review and negotiate indirect cost rates with sub-grant units

  • Provide financial advice related to grant programs

Cost Management Functions/Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare hospital cost report for Medicare and Medicaid programs

  • Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plan (PACAP): Prepare an in depth report of DHHS cost distribution

  • Support the PACAP through the accounting process

  • Prepare indirect cost rate reports for DHHS

For more information contact: John Meals (402) 471-9373



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