Financial Services
Issuance and Collections Center (ICC)-Claims Processing

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The ICC-Claims Processing unit is located within the Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) Financial Services. Staff members assist providers by:

  • Supporting Agency staff and external partners in processing completed NFOCUS claims for payment.

  • Processing liens and levies on payments issued to NFOCUS providers.

  • Issuing annual tax documents to child care, transportation, personal care and other types of authorized NFOCUS providers as well as Medicaid (MMIS) providers.

  • Issuing electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to SNAP households.

  • Responding to calls placed to the DHHS EBT Customer Service line.

  • Responding to inquiries received by DHHS from SNAP recipients paying back benefit overpayments.

  • Reviewing Child Care Program paid claims for overpayments.

  • Checking forms W-4 and W-9 for NFOCUS providers with the Internal Revenue Service for accuracy.


    NFOCUS Payment Information

    Most NFOCUS payments are made electronically; by direct deposit to the payee’s account at a financial institution or to a prepaid debit card (ReliaCard®) issued for DHHS by US Bank®. 

    ReliaCard Visa Prepaid debit card, (Available as a payment method for cash grant recipients and individual NFOCUS service providers using a Social Security Number as their Tax ID Number.)

    PDF Direct Deposit Direct Deposit Q&A

    PDF Companies using a Federal ID: Complete Form FA-84 to apply for Direct Deposit. 

    PDF Individuals: Complete Form FA-100 (in English or Spanish) to apply for Direct Deposit or a ReliaCard.


     Forms FA-84 and FA-100 are now processed by the DHHS Accounting Unit .


    Adoption Subsidies & Guardianship and Foster Care deposits are made to bank accounts on the 4th business day of month.

    Checks to recipients of Adoption Subsidies & Guardianship and Foster Care payments are mailed on the 3rd business day of month.


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