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Claims Processing

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Claims Processing is a unit within the Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) Financial Services. Staff members assist providers by:

  • Establishing electronic payments for NFOCUS providers.

    ReliaCard ® Visa ® Prepaid debit card, (Available as a payment method for individual service providers using a Social Security Number as their Tax ID Number and cash grant recipients.)

PDFDirect Deposit Q&A

PDFCompanies using a Federal ID: Complete Form FA-84 to apply for Direct Deposit. 

PDFIndividuals: Complete Form FA-100 (in English or Spanish) to apply for Direct Deposit or a ReliaCard.

  • Supporting Agency staff and external partners in processing completed claim forms for payment.
  • Processing liens and levies on payments issued to NFOCUS providers.
  • Issuing annual tax documents to child care, transportation, personal care and other types of authorized NFOCUS providers.

NFOCUS Provider Tax Information For 2013

Tax Documents Issued

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has changed its procedures for issuing tax documents for payments made during tax year 2013 to N-FOCUS providers.  We will issue three different types of tax documents.  Those are IRS forms W-2 and 1099 and Earnings Information Letters.  These documents were mailed January 24, 2014. 

W-2s - Issued to providers to whom DHHS paid $1,800 or more per client during 2013. 

Because these tax documents are issued on a per client basis, a provider may receive more than one.

These forms may be issued only to individuals for whom FICA and Medicare taxes were deducted during 2013.

Earnings Information Letters – Issued by DHHS for the first time this year.  These letters are issued to individual providers using an SSN as their Tax ID number when they were paid less than $1,800 for a given client(s) in 2013.

The Earnings Information Letters informs the provider of the amount DHHS paid them during 2013 for services they received per client served.  Therefore, a given provider may receive more than one Earnings Information Letter or they may receive both a W-2(s) and an Earnings Information Letter(s) for different clients.

1099s – Issued to providers using EINs as their Tax ID number and were paid $600 or more for services not subject to FICA and Medicare taxes being withheld.  (Certain providers such as many corporations will not receive a Form 1099.  Also, providers using an EIN as their Tax ID number that were paid less than $600.00 in 2013 will not receive a tax document.)

FICA Returned

Providers receive a FICA refund check returning the FICA and Medicare taxes DHHS withheld from their 2013 payments if all of the circumstances listed below occurred:

  1. They use an SSN as their Tax ID Number.
  2. They were paid less than $1,800.00 for services provided to a given client during 2013.
  3. FICA was deducted from one or more of their payments to the clients mentioned in item b. during  2013.

Miscellaneous Tax Information

  • DHHS does not withhold for federal or state income tax for N-FOCUS providers.
  • FICA refund checks were mailed to providers on January 9, 2014.
  • DHHS N-FOCUS uses the provider's mailing address as of December 31, 2013, when mailing the above mentioned documents.  Provider addresses must be updated by the provider by contacting their Resource Development Worker. (If a provider believes they should have received a tax document(s) and do not, they should check with their Resource Development Worker to check the address we had for them as of December 31, 2013.
  • Providers should consult their Explanation of Payments (EOPs) they received if they are attempting to project their earnings and the type of tax document they will receive for 2013.
  • Providers who use their SSN as their Tax ID Number will receive an IRS Form 1099 for services they provided for which FICA was not withheld if the gross amount of these payments totaled $600.00 or more.  (If they totaled less than $600.00 no tax document will be issued to the provider for those payments.)

Questions regarding tax documents should be directed to (402) 471-9170.  The caller should leave a message including their Tax ID Number, name, phone number and the reason for their call.  Their phone call will be returned within five working days.

  • Other information of interest to NFOCUS providers –

For the most part, preprints are issued by another part of state government.  As of August 27, 2013 they are mailed on the following schedule from Lincoln to NFOCUS providers:

Weekly – The Friday of each week or the next business day if the Friday is a state holiday.

Semi-monthly (Bi-weekly) – The 13th and 27th of each month or the next business day if the 13th or the 27th fall on a state holiday or weekend.

Monthly – The 27th of each month or the next business day if the 27th falls on a state holiday or on a weekend.

If providers have questions regarding their preprints or claims, those questions should be directed to their respective Resource Development worker.

PDFFA-90-ES (Instructions for completion of N-FOCUS billing document DHHS-5-N)

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