Issuance and Collections Center (ICC)-Claims Processing

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The ICC-Claims Processing unit is located within the Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) Financial Services. Staff members assist providers by:

  • Supporting Agency staff and external partners in processing completed NFOCUS claims for payment.
  • Processing liens and levies on payments issued to NFOCUS providers
  • Issuing annual tax documents to child care, transportation, personal care and other types of authorized NFOCUS providers as well as Medicaid (MMIS) providers.
  • Issuing electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to SNAP households.
  • Responding to calls placed to the DHHS EBT Customer Service line.
  • Responding to inquiries received by DHHS from SNAP recipients paying back benefit overpayments.
  • Reviewing Child Care Program paid claims for overpayments.
  • Checking forms W-4 and W-9 for NFOCUS providers with the Internal Revenue Service for accuracy.


NFOCUS Provider Tax Information For 2017
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will issue three different types of tax documents to NFOCUS providers for payments made to them in 2017.  Those are IRS forms W-2 and 1099, and Earnings Information Letters.  These documents will be mailed in late January of 2018.
Form W-2 – issued to providers to whom DHHS paid $2000.00 or more per client during 2017. 
These forms are issued only to individuals for whom FICA and Medicare taxes were deducted during 2016.
Because these tax documents are issued on a per client basis, a provider may receive more than one.
Earnings Information Letters – These were issued by DHHS for the first time for Tax Year 2013.  These letters are issued to individual providers using an SSN as their Tax ID Number when they were paid less than $2000.00 for a given client(s) in 2017.  They inform the provider of the amount DHHS paid them during 2017 for services they performed per client served when they were paid less than $2000.00 for that client.  Therefore, a given provider may receive more than one Earnings Information Letter or they may receive both a W-2(s) and an Earnings Information Letter(s) for different clients.
Form 1099 – Issued to providers using EINs as their Tax ID Number when they were paid $600.00 or more for services not subject to FICA and Medicare taxes.  (Certain providers such as many corporations will not receive a Form 1099.  Also, providers using an EIN as their Tax ID Number paid less than $600.00 in 2017 will not receive a tax document.) 
FICA Returned
Providers will receive a FICA refund check returning the FICA and Medicare taxes DHHS withheld from their 2017 payments if all of the circumstances listed below occurred.
  • They use an SSN as their Tax ID Number.
  • They were paid less than $2000.00 for services provided to an individual client during 2017.
  • FICA was deducted from one or more of their payments to the clients mentioned in Item b. during 2017.
Miscellaneous Tax Information
  • DHHS does not withhold for federal or state income tax for NFOCUS providers.
  • FICA refund checks are mailed to providers during the first ten days of January 2018.
  • DHHS NFOCUS uses the provider’s mailing address as listed in NFOCUS as of December 31, 2017 when mailing the above mentioned documents.  If a provider moves they must update their address by contacting their Resource Development Worker.  (If a provider believes they should have received a tax document(s) and do not by February 14, 2018 they should check with their Resource Development Worker to check the address we had for them as of December 31, 2017.
  • Providers should consult the Explanation of Payments (EOPs) they received during 2017 if they are attempting to project their earnings and the type of tax document(s) they will receive for 2017.
  • DHHS staff CANNOT provide tax advice.
Questions regarding tax documents should be directed to 402-471-9170 or email at The caller should leave a message including their Tax ID Number, name, phone number and the reason for their call.  Their phone call will be returned within five working days.  (Due to limited staff, phone calls regarding 2016 tax matters other than FICA refunds will not be returned until February 16, 2017.) 


Questions and Answers
Q.  Since I was not paid for my claim for December 2017 services until after January of 2018, will the Form 1099 or W-2 include the payment I received in January?
A.  The 1099s or W-2s, or EILs you receive in 2017 cover payments made to you or your business during Calendar Year 2017.  They cover payments for the year paid, not the year worked. 
Q.  Will you mail me a listing of all payments made to me by DHHS in 2017?
A.  NDHHS does not send an itemized list of payments at year end. 
If you had your payments deposited to your bank account, you may want to refer to your bank statements for this information.  If your payments were made to the ReliaCard®, check your monthly ReliaCard statements for this information.
The Explanations of Payment (EOPs) you received are also a good source for this information.


Q. When filing my Federal taxes, which number should I use as the employer identification number?
A.  When filing your Federal tax form, you should use the “Agent” number on the W-2 we provided you which is 47-0560056.


Q. Does DHHS withhold income taxes from my provider payments?
A. No, DHHS does not withhold income taxes.  For some providers, we withhold FICA (Social Security) taxes and Medicare taxes during the year in case we have to match those taxes and forward them to the Federal government but we are not required to withhold income taxes.


Q. What is the “FICA Refund” and when does that occur?
A. As noted in the previous question, we withhold FICA and Medicare taxes during the year from individual providers when we pay them for certain types of services.  If the amount we pay them for those services provided to a particular client during the year does not total a minimum amount ($2,000.00 for 2017), we return the FICA and Medicare taxes we withheld during 2017.  That is referred to as the “FICA Refund”.

The FICA Refund is mailed as a check on or about January 5, 2018 to the provider’s address as known to DHHS on December 31, 2017.  The date the checks were mailed will be posted on this website once they go in the mail.


    NFOCUS Payment Information
    Most NFOCUS payments are made electronically; by direct deposit to the payee’s account at a financial institution or to a prepaid debit card (ReliaCard®) issued for DHHS by US Bank®. 

    ReliaCard Visa Prepaid debit card, (Available as a payment method for cash grant recipients and individual NFOCUS service providers using a Social Security Number as their Tax ID Number.)

    PDF Direct Deposit Direct Deposit Q&A

    PDF Companies using a Federal ID: Complete Form FA-84 to apply for Direct Deposit. 

    PDF Individuals: Complete Form FA-100 (in English or Spanish) to apply for Direct Deposit or a ReliaCard.


     Forms FA-84 and FA-100 are now processed by the DHHS Accounting Unit .


    Adoption Subsidies & Guardianship and Foster Care deposits are made to bank accounts on the 4th business day of month.

    Checks to recipients of Adoption Subsidies & Guardianship and Foster Care payments are mailed on the 3rd business day of month.




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