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The Information Systems and Technology Division provides leadership, project management, planning, implementation and support services for information technology for the Department of Health and Human Services.  The Division helps business areas of the Department of Health and Human Services define automation solutions by providing a technical plan, implementation, testing and maintenance/on-going support.  The Division also provides Help Desk support and network/hardware support to the System, including procurement, installation, local area network management and maintenance.

Chris Hill
Information Systems & Technology Administrator 
Phone:  (402) 471-8554
Email:  Chris.Hill@nebraska.gov

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Customer Services
Home of the DHHS Help Desk and desktop support, Outlook email & Lotus Notes databases and the warehouse.  Handles service requests, problem calls, and trend identification.

Manager: Joe Homan
Phone: (402) 471-7704

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Technical Services
Server operations, configuration, release and migration services. Local area and wide area network support.

Manager: Mark Nelson
Phone: (402) 471-9120

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Application Services
Provides application development and support, and database support. Home of N-FOCUS, MMIS, CHARTS and other DHHS applications.

24 HR Services, Purchasing, & Security Manager: Mark Nelson  
Phone: (402) 471-9120

NFOCUS & MMIS Manager: 
Don Spaulding 
Phone: (402) 471-9575
CHARTS & General Solutions Manager: Lisa Schafers 
Phone: (402) 471-0633

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