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This page is an index of all audio clips on the DHHS Website including sound bites associated with DHSS news releases, public service announcements (PSAs) and podcasts.  All audio clips are provided in MP3 format.  Sound bites and PSAs are listed below by the most recent publishing date.



- Conversations for a Healthy Life
    (Office of Women's Health)


MP3 1/24/2017
Activity Increasing Rapidly – Numerous Outbreaks Reported to DHHS / Dr. Tom Safranek/State Epidemiologist
  1. Prime Flu Season
  2. Importance of Antivirals
  3. Vaccine is best prevention
  4. Stay home if you're sick
  5. Flu increasing rapidly
MP3 12/23/2016
New Year’s Resolution - Give up Tobacco for Good / Amanda Mortensen, Tobacco Free Nebraska Program Manager
  1. New Years Resolution Advice
  2. Free Product for Nebraskans
  3. January 31 Deadline for Free Product
  4. Quitline Number and Web site Information
MP3 11/2/2016
Flu Surveillance Starts Statewide/ Dr. Tom Safranek, DHHS State Epidemiologist
  1. Flu vaccine best protection we have
  2. Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot
MP3 11/1/2016
Heritage Health Enrollment Ending / Calder Lynch, Director, Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care
  1. Heritage Health Enrollment Ending
MP3 8/8/2016
Send Your Children Back to School With Up-to-Date Vaccinations/ Sara Morgan, administrator, Lifespan Health
  1. Checking to see if your child’s vaccinations are up-to-date should be part of your back-to-school routine.
  2. Required immunizations for kindergarten/first grade and seventh grade.
  3. Getting children all of the recommended vaccines is one of the most important things parents can do to protect their kids from serious diseases.
MP3 6/22/2016
Safety First for a fun Fourth of July / Judy Martin, Deputy Director, Community and Environmental Health
  1. Fireworks Safety
  2. Food Safety on 4th of July
  3. Mosquito and Bug Bite Prevention
  4. Sunburn and Heat-related Problems
MP3 5/4/2016
Safe Drinking Water is Our Business / Howard Isaacs, administrator, Office of Drinking Water and Environmental Health
MP3 2/25/2016
Child Flu-related Death Reported to DHHS / Dr. Tom Safranek / Dr. Tom Safranek, State Epidemiologist
MP3 2/01/2016
Fast Facts About Zika virus / Dr. Tom Safranek / State Epidemiologist


 MP3 11/16/2015
Flu Activity Slowly Increasing Statewide / Dr. Tom Safranek, State Epidemiologist


MP3 9/11/2015
Husker Harvest Days Water Well Testing 30-Second PSA 

MP3 7/02/2015
First Case of West Nile Virus Reported to DHHS / Dr. Tom Safranek, State Epidemiologist
  1. Preventive tip – Use bug spray
  2. Preventive tip – Dress appropriately
  3. Preventive tip – Limit outdoor activities
  4. Preventive tip – Eliminate standing water
MP3 6/29/2015
West Nile Virus Arrives in Nebraska / Dr. Tom Safranek, State Epidemiologist
  1. WNV has shown up right on schedule
  2. It’s important for people to fight the bite
  3. Preventive tip – Use bug spray
  4. Preventive tip – Dress appropriately
  5. Preventive tip – Limit outdoor activities
  6. Preventive tip – Eliminate standing water
  7. We’re concerned about ticks too
  8. Tick checks are important
MP3 2/17/2015
CFS Surpasses Federal Measures for Child Welfare / Tony Green, Acting Director of Children and Family Services
  1. This is a significant accomplishment...
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement is a key factor...