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This page is an index of all audio clips on the DHHS Website including sound bites associated with DHSS news releases, public service announcements (PSAs) and podcasts.  All audio clips are provided in MP3 format.  Sound bites and PSAs are listed below by the most recent publishing date.



- Conversations for a Healthy Life
    (Office of Womens' Health)


Sound bites and Public Service Announcements


MP3 2/17/2015
CFS Surpasses Federal Measures for Child Welfare / Tony Green, Acting Director of Children and Family Services
  1. This is a significant accomplishment...
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement is a key factor...

MP3 1/29/2015
Nebraska Seeing Uptick in Whooping Cough Cases / Dr. Joseph Acierno, Chief Medical Officer, Director of Public Health
  1. Whooping cough cases on the rise
  2. Check vaccination records
  3. People can spread infection to infants
  4. Without protection, people are at risk of being exposed or exposing others


MP3 9/05/2014
PSA: Free Testing of Private Well Water for Nitrates Available at Husker Harvest Days / Jack Daniel, Administrator of the Office of Drinking Water and Environmental Health


MP3 8/11/2014
PSA: Pesticide Poisoning Prevention. PSAs were produced by the UNL Pesticide Safety Education Program.
  1. Workers
  2. Workers and Citizens
  3. Citizens


MP3 6/9/2014
First Nebraska Case of Mosquito-borne Virus – Chikungunya/Dr. Joseph Acierno, Chief Medical Officer/Director of Public Health

  1. Deaths from disease are rare
  2. Chikungunya not found in mosquitoes in U.S.
  3. Mosquitoes transmit viruses. Whether traveling abroad or staying at home, important to protect yourself from mosquito bites
  4. Tips to protect yourself


MP3 5/22/2014
Celebrating Five Years of Clean Indoor Air in Nebraska/ Judy Martin / Deputy Director for Community and Environmental Health
  1. Being Smoke-Free Often Taken for Granted
  2. NE One of 16 States with 100% Smoke Free Law
  3. No Safe Level of Exposure


MP3 5/20/2014
 State Wards Continue Decline/ Thomas Pristow / Director of Children and Family Services
  1. 26% Decline in Wards
  2. Structured Decision Making
  3. Exceeding 4 0f 6 Federal Measures
  4. Keeping kids at home

MP3 2/18/2014
ADC (TANF) Success / Thomas Pristow / Director of Children and Family Services
  1. Services provided by Employment First
  2. Number of citizens served
  3. Ranking in the nation


MP3 2/18/2014
Norovirus Outbreaks Reported to DHHS / Dr. Joseph Acierno / Chief Medical Officer and Director of Public Health
  1. Norovirus spreads quickly
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
  3. Prevention tips


MP3 2/12/2014
State Ward Visits Better Fed Requirement / Thomas Pristow / Director of Children and Family Services

  1. Fed requirement and goal of CFS
  2. Commitment to make visits to wards
  3. Studies show visits have positive impact


MP3 1/10/2014
Flu Activity Rapidly Increasing in Neb / Dr. Joseph Acierno / Chief Medical Officer and Director of Public Health

  1. Flu can be a serious disease
  2. People at greater risk for flu complications should receive vaccine
  3. Other tips to protect yourself against the flu