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Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

What is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)?

The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provides comprehensive, coordinated health care and long-term services and supports for voluntarily-enrolled individuals.  PACE provides another alternative along the continuum of available long-term care services and supports to enable participants to continue to live in their homes and communities.

Who may need this program?

Individuals aged 55 years and older who:

  • Meet nursing facility level of care criteria;
  • Live within the service area of an approved PACE provider; and
  • Are able to safely live in a community setting, with PACE services, at the time of enrollment.

 What services may be available through PACE?

The benefits package for PACE includes all Medicare and Medicaid-covered items and services and other services as determined necessary by the PACE provider’s interdisciplinary team.  All services must be received solely through the PACE provider and its subcontractors.

Information on becoming a PACE provider


Who is an approved PACE provider, and what is their service area?

Immanuel Pathways is currently the only approved PACE provider in Nebraska.  Their service area is in select zip codes in Douglas and Sarpy counties and portions of Cass, Dodge, Saunders, and Washington counties.  To learn more about Immanuel Pathways, call 402-991-0330 or access the following web link:  www.immanuelpathways.org.

Who can enroll in PACE?

Medicaid and/or Medicare eligible individuals may pursue enrollment in PACE, as well as private pay individuals.

What does it mean to meet nursing facility level of care criteria?

Nursing facility level of care means you have needs which require you to receive services similar to those provided to individuals who live in a nursing home.  For example, you may need assistance from another person with daily tasks such as getting dressed, taking a bath or shower, eating, or walking safely.  A few examples of other areas considered are how much help you need to take medications, any memory problems or health conditions you may have and how they are managed.  Nursing facility level of care criteria are located in DHHS regulations at 471 NAC 12.

Where can I read the DHHS regulations about PACE?

Title 471 – Nebraska Medical Assistance Program Services Click on Chapter 37 – Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.

For more information email DHHS.PACE@nebraska.gov.

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