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October 28, 2013

Leah Bucco-White, Communications & Legislative Services, 402-471-9356, 

Emergency Medical Services Workshops Coming to Your Community

 The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ Emergency Medical Services Program offers ongoing training workshops across the state for emergency medical technicians, first responders, and the general public.  The workshop schedule for November is listed below.  For more information on the workshops offered please visit the DHHS EMS calendar web page by clicking here.  You may also click on the subscribe link at the top of the EMS workshop calendar web page to sign up for an email or a text message alert when the EMS workshop calendar is updated.
The free workshops are worth three continuing education hours unless noted otherwise.
Aurora, 11/14/2013, Cardiac Emergencies, Aurora Vol. Fire Hall, 906 13th St, Scott Crawford, 7pm - 10pm, Brent Dethlefs, 402-694-5155
Bancroft, 11/04/2013, Farm Emergencies, Bancroft Fire Hall, John Kneifl, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Battle Creek, 11/18/2013, School Bus Accidents, Battle Creek Fire Hall, Matt Montgomery, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Clarks, 11/14/2013, Trauma with Tourniquets, Clarks Fire Hall, 209 N. Green St, Dr. Craig Jacobus, 7pm - 9pm, Dick Smithson, 308-946-5811
Clarkson, 11/25/2013, Common Medications & Recreational Drugs, Clarkson Fire Hall, 210 Bryan St., Kyle Lingenfelter, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451
Clearwater, 11/20/2013, Skills Night, Clearwater Fire Hall, Brad Korth & Rich Lutz, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Dakota City, 11/14/2013, IV Refresher, Dakota City Fire Hall, Mike Watkins, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Dannebrog, 11/18/2013, Seizures, Dannebrog Fire Hall, 114 E. Oak St, Kevin Badgley, 7pm - 10pm, Esther Reimers, 308-750-3574
David City, 11/11/2013, EMT Scope of Practice - Review and What's New, David City Fire Hall, 552 D, Steve Kelso, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451
Edgar, 11/06/2013, Patient Extrication, Edgar Fire Hall, Loren Uden, 7pm - 10pm, Janis Johnson, 402-762-5447
Elgin, 11/18/2013, Allergic Reaction Emergencies, Elgin Fire Hall, Adele Anderson, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Grand Island, 11/11/2013, Environmental Emergencies, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, 2116 W. Faidley, JJ Wohlers, 7pm - 10pm, Rita Gallagher, 308-383-2792
Greeley, 11/12/2013, Airway Basics, Greeley Fire Hall, 112 W. O'Connor, Ed Carlin, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451
Gretna, 11/21/2013, Pediatric Emergencies, Gretna Vol. Fire Hall, 11175 S. 204th St., Dr. Tom Deegan, 7pm - 10pm, Brad Sloup, 402-686-9962
Hastings, 11/07/2013, EMT Skills Night, Hastings Fire Hall/Lincoln Park Station, Terry & Rita Gallagher, 7pm - 10pm, Ron Pughes, 402-463-0085
Hyannis, 11/09/2013, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Hyannis Fire Hall, 102 S Grant, Clint Bruhn, 9am - 4pm, Kayla Wintz, 308-588-6297
Lincoln, 11/14/2013, Infection Prevention, St. Elizabeth RMC, 555 S. 70th St, Shelly Andre, 6pm - 8pm, Jean Stilwell, 402-219-7051
Lindsay, 11/04/2013, Spinal Immobilization & Patient Packaging, Lindsay Fire Hall, 121 Pine St, Kyle Lingenfelter, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451
Omaha, 11/09/2013, Trauma Case Reviews, Immanuel Medical Center, 6901 N. 72nd St, Kathy Warren, 7:30am - 9:30am
Omaha, 11/12/2013, Spinal Immobilization Practical Skills, Omaha Airport Authority, 5111 Boeing Ct, Scott & Connie Hartley, 5pm - 7pm, Scott Hartley, 402-292-8535
Pierce, 11/14/2013, Hypothermia, Pierce Fire Hall, Matt Montgomery, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Pilger, 11/21/2013, Pediatric Assessment & Transporting Kids Safely, Pilger Fire Hall, Rich Lutz, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702
Stromsburg, 11/04/2013, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Stromsburg Fire Hall, 415 Commercial, Pat Benson, 6PM - 10PM, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451
Syracuse, 11/21/2013, Mechanisms of Injury in the Emergency Setting, Community Memorial Hospital, 1579 Midland St, Hospital Staff, 7pm - 8pm, Wendie Stowe, 402-269-2011
Uehling, 11/25/2013, Hypothermia, Uehling Fire Hall, 321 Main St., Deb VonSeggern-Johnson, 7pm - 10pm, Sue Schommer, 402-567-2539
Valentine, 11/07/2013, Airway Emergencies, Cherry County Hospital, 510 N. Green St, Shirley Hubbard, Noon - 3pm, Dana Miller, 402-389-0275
Wolbach, 11/06/2013, Common Medications & Recreational Drugs, Wolbach Fire Hall, 305 Center, Kyle Lingenfelter, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451