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August 29, 2013

Leah Bucco-White, Communications & Legislative Services, 402-471-9356,
Emergency Medical Services Workshops Coming to Your Community

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ Emergency Medical Services Program offers ongoing training workshops across the state for emergency medical technicians, first responders, and the general public.  The workshop schedule for September is listed below.  For more information on the workshops offered please visit the DHHS EMS calendar web page by clicking here.  You may also click on the subscribe link at the top of the EMS workshop calendar web page to sign up for an email or a text message alert when the EMS workshop calendar is updated.

The free workshops are worth three continuing education hours unless noted otherwise.


Bassett, 09/19/2013, Cardiac, Bassett Fire Hall, Randy Webert, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Bushnell, 09/05/2013, Domestic Violence / Scene Safety, Bushnell Fire Hall, 312 Birch St, Polly Olson, 7pm - 10pm, Ed Land, 308-673-5625

Chambers, 09/04/2013, START Triage, Chambers Fire Hall, Julie Mertens, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Clay Center, 09/26/2013, Current Trends in Trauma Management, Clay Co Fairgrounds, Reginald Burton, M.D. & Rob Dumond, 7pm - 10pm, Janis Johnson, 402-762-5447

Crawford, 09/26/2013, Skills Night, Crawford Fire Hall, 220 Elm St, Glen Eberspecher & Robby Rhembrandt, 6pm - 9pm, Jack Galt, 308-665-1528

Creighton, 09/21/2013, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Creighton Fire Hall, Brad Korth & Rich Lutz, 9am - 4pm,  Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Davenport, 09/10/2013, Pediatric Emergencies, Davenport Fire Hall, 108 N Oak Avenue, Sandra Schendt, 7pm - 10pm, Berdon Pedersen, 402-310-8872

David City, 09/16/2013, Diabetes, David City Fire Hall, 552 D, Kyle Lingenfelter, 7pm - 10pm,  Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Decatur, 09/17/2013, Traumatic Brain Injury, Decatur Vol Fire Dept, 9th & Broadway, Scott Hartley, 7pm - 10pm, Scott Hartley, 402-292-8535

Elm Creek, 09/12/2013, Skills Night, Elm Creek Fire Hall, 535 W Boyd Ave, Mike Bailey, 7pm - 10pm,  Carol Jorgensen, 308-440-3133

Fairbury, 09/11/2013, Geriatrics, Jefferson Co Law Enforcement Center, 606 3rd St, Brent Lottman, 7pm - 10pm, Joe Grubbs, 402-729-3304

Fullerton, 09/26/2013, Drug Induced Delirium & Tazing Patients, Fullerton Fire Hall, 201 Fuller St, Scott Crawford, 7pm - 10pm, Leslie Pickrel, 308-536-2054

Grand Island, 09/09/2013, Altered Mental Status, St Francis Memorial, 2116 W Faidley, Todd Gallagher, 7pm - 10pm, Rita Gallagher, 308-383-2792

Greeley, 09/10/2013, ATV Accidents, Greeley Fire Hall, 112 W O'Connor, Steve Kelso, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Hadar, 09/26/2013, Pediatric Assessment / Transporting Kids Safely, Hadar Fire Hall, Brad Korth & Rich Lutz, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Harrison, 09/18/2013, Rodeo, Ranch & Football Injuries, Sioux Co HS, 435 Kate St, Shawn Baumgartner, 6pm - 9pm, Misty Skavdahl, 308-665-5088

Hastings, 09/05/2013, Cardiac A & P and Treatment, Hastings Fire Hall/Lincoln Park Station, Terry Leslie, 7pm - 10pm, Ron Pughes, 402-463-0085

Hastings, 09/24/2013, Primary & Secondary Assessments, Mary Lanning Healthcare, 715 N St Joseph Ave, Josh VanBoening & Donna Montemayor, 7pm - 10pm, Lisa Dirks, 402-461-5020

Holdrege, 09/26/2013, EMS Safety & Infection Control, Phelps Memorial HC, 1215 Tibbals St, Clay Jordan, 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Keri Berry, 308-995-2948

Howells, 09/18/2013, Hazardous Materials Handling, Howells Community Center, 128 N 3rd, Steve Kelso, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Hyannis, 09/16/2013, Hazmat for EMS, Hyannis Fire Hall, 102 S Grant, TJ Williams, 6pm - 9pm,  Kayla Wintz, 308-588-6297

Laurel, 09/18/2013, STEMI, Laurel Fire Hall, Carol Rodenborg, 7pm - 9:30pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Lincoln, 09/19/2013, Geriatric Emergencies, St Elizabeth RMC, 555 S 70th St, Dave Huey, 6pm - 8pm, Jean Stilwell, 402-219-7051

Lindsay, 09/30/2013, Personal Safety & Infection Control, Lindsay Fire Hall, 121 Pine St, Steve Kelso, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Mullen, 09/28/2013, Transporting Kids Safely, Mullen Ambulance Barn, 501 SW 1st St, Pat Fiedler, 8am - 11am, Anna Baum, 308-645-2250

North Platte, 09/25/2013, Traumatic Brain Injury, Holiday Inn Express, 300 Holiday Frontage Rd, Pat Richards, 7pm - 10pm, Pat Richards, 308-696-8640

Oakland, 09/10/2013, OB/GYN Emergencies, Oakland Fire Hall, 500 N Oakland Ave, Deb Von Seggern-Johnson, 7pm - 10pm, Mike Black, 402-317-8298

Omaha, 09/14/2013, Stroke, STEMI & Cardiac Updates, Immanuel Medical Center, 6901 N 72nd St, Dave Huey, 7:30am - 9:30am, Dave Huey, 402-510-4569

Papillion, 09/18/2013, Airway Devices, Midlands Hospital Ogram, Suite 11111 S 84th St, Josh Neville, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, Sheila Brown, 402-593-3116

Platte Center, 09/16/2013, Geriatric Emergencies, Platte Center Fire Hall, 118 E 4th, Adele Anderson, 7pm - 10pm,  Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Scottsbluff, 09/03/2013, Trauma Emergencies - Shock, Regional West Medical Center, 4021 Avenue B, Jeff Holloway, M.D., 6pm - 9pm,  Shawn Baumgartner, 308-635-0511

Scottsbluff, 09/17/2013, Advanced Airway Management, Regional West Medical Center, 4021 Avenue B, Ward Krichau, 6pm - 9pm, Shawn Baumgartner, 308-635-0511

Spencer, 09/17/2013, Bleeding Emergencies / Instructions on Tourniquet Use, Spencer Fire Hall, Julie Mertens, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Stratton, 09/12/2013, Triage, Stratton Fire Hall, Todd Hovey, 7pm - 10pm, Geraldine Downing, 308-340-7416

Stuart, 09/11/2013, Trauma / Hemorhaging, Stuart Fire Hall,, Julie Mertens, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Syracuse, 09/26/2013, Hunting Emergencies, Community Memorial Hospital, 1579 Midland St, Bryan Health Services, 7pm - 10pm, Wendie Stowe, 402-269-2011

Thayer, 09/24/2013, Pediatric Emergencies, Chester Sr Center, 520 S, Sandra Schendt, 7pm - 9pm, Sandra Schendt, 402-225-4401

West Point, 09/17/2013, ATV Accidents, West Point Fire Hall, John Kneifl, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702

Wisner, 09/26/2013, Infection Control, Wisner Fire Hall, Carol Rodenborg, 7pm - 9pm, Brandi Fuchs 402-844-7702

Wolbach, 09/25/2013, Trauma, Wolbach Fire Hall, 305 Center, Steve Kelso, 7pm - 10pm, Lori Neid, 402-562-1451

Wynot, 09/09/2013, Splinting & Extrication, Wynot Fire Hall, Mike Watkins, 7pm - 10pm, Brandi Fuchs, 402-844-7702