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February 29, 2012
Kathie Osterman, Communications and Legislative Services, 402-471-9313
KVC Employees Accept Jobs with DHHS and NFC
Lincoln – Department of Health and Human Services CEO Kerry Winterer said Wednesday he is encouraged by the number of KVC employees accepting employment with DHHS in its southeast service area and Nebraska Families Collaborative, the lead contractor for child welfare services in the eastern service area.  
As of Wednesday, DHHS made 284 offers of temporary employment to KVC employees and 236 had accepted, while NFC offered employment to 107 KVC staff and 107 had accepted.
“A key component of our transition plan has been for KVC case managers who transition to either DHHS or NFC to keep their same caseloads so children and families experience minimal disruption,” said Winterer.  He said other employees who will transition March 1 include supervisors, case aides and program support workers. 
DHHS will advertise 159 permanent positions beginning Thursday as required by both the labor contract and state personnel rules.   As part of the plan, KVC’s program support workers temporarily hired by DHHS and NFC for continuity of services will begin to accept permanent employment with community based providers as the providers increase capacity. 
DHHS met with community based providers for the southeast service area last week. They have stepped up and DHHS has offered 58 contracts for services that KVC previously managed such as visitation, in-home services, and others.   NFC is also working with its provider network to build capacity.  KVC will continue to be a service provider.
Winterer said that letters about the transition have been mailed to families and foster families, and information has been shared with judges and county attorneys.
“We’re ready in the southeast service area to begin delivering these services tomorrow and we know NFC is ready in the eastern service area,” said Winterer.