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June 26, 2014

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Emma and Mason Top the List
DHHS Releases Baby Names for 2013

Lincoln – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Vital Records recently released the top baby names in Nebraska for 2013. Did you know? DHHS has top baby names on file for almost a century, starting with 1920. Below are the top 10 names for 2013 and 1920.
              2013                                                                                 1920
          Girls  Boys                                                                        Girls  Boys
  1. Emma, Mason                                                             1.   Mary,  Robert
  2. Olivia,  Liam                                                                2.   Dorothy,  John
  3. Sophia,  William                                                          3.   Helen,   Donald
  4. Harper,  Noah                                                             4.   Ruth,  William
  5. Avery,  Carter                                                             5.   Margaret,   James
  6. Charlotte,  Isaac                                                         6.   Doris,   Harold
  7. Isabella,  Jackson                                                       7.   Mildred,   Charles
  8. Ava,  Henry                                                                 8.   Betty,   Richard
  9. Elizabeth,  Elijah                                                         9.   Evelyn,   George
  10. Emily,   Jacob                                                             10.  Virginia,   Kenneth
 You can find all the years of top baby names on the DHHS website -   

New Vital Records Fees Starting July 1
The Office of Vital Records files approximately 60,000 records of vital events every year including births, deaths, marriages, divorces and adoptions. The office houses more than six million records going back to 1904. The cost of maintaining and preserving records continues to rise. Legislative Bill 994, passed during the 2014 session, increases fees for copies of vital records.
The following fee changes are effective July 1, 2014: 
  • Birth certificates - $17 (previously $12)
  • Death certificates - $16 (previously $11)
  • Marriage certificates - $16 (previously $11)
  • Divorce certificates - $16 (previously $11)

The new fees will help upgrade the vital records electronic registration system. The last fee increase was in 2006.

When ordering a copy of a certificate, contact the Vital Records Office at 402-471-2871 or if ordering online, be sure to visit our official website –