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​​​The Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) or EMS Compact allows EMS providers to cross state lines for specific, time limited or intermittent basis to cross state lines to perform their job and return to their home state. 

EMS Compact - REPLICA Important News!

Nebraska is a member of the EMS compact; however, REPLICA is NOT ACTIVE at this time.  The Compact Commission must adopt rules prior pertaining to the function of the compact before the EMS Compact can be functional. 

The compact requires each member state to perform background checks and require National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification for initial provider credentialing.  The compact also gives members states authority over EMS personnel from other members states as if they were licensed within that state. 

REPLICA website

REPLICA has a Compact Commission whose primary role is to establish by-laws, regulations, policies and maintain an national established coordinated database.  Meeting minutes as well as dates and times of Commission meetings can be find on the REPLICA Website. 

REPLICA Compact Governance​

Questions on REPLICA can be directed to:

Tim Wilson
Office of Emergency Health Systems Program Manager
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(402) 471-0124
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(402) 480-1072
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