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The Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) is soliciting recommendations for updates to the Behavioral Health Service Definitions. These are the standards of care that specify requirements for service delivery for services funded by the Division.

Nebraska Administrative Code 206, which governs the administration of Nebraska's Public Behavioral Health System and contains the current service definitions, is in the promulgation process. Recommended changes would remove the current service definitions from the regulations and allow for revision. 

While the date for promulgation of the regulations has not been established, it is the intent of DBH to begin to review all existing service definitions through internal and external stakeholders so that recommendations can be considered and service definition edits be drafted. 

Service definitions will not change prior to proposed NAC 206 revisions being adopted. In the event that the changes to NAC 206 allowing for removal of service definitions are not incorporated, recommended changes to existing service definitions will follow the required public hearing process used for updating regulatory language.

The DBH is committed to transparent review based on stakeholder feedback. Your feedback on the service definitions is important, and we invite you to participate in the review process. 

Hospital and Outpatient Services will be posted here for Public Comment from October 7 - November 18.

Your feedback can be sent to DHHS.BehavioralHealthDivision@Nebraska.gov.


Substance Use Disorder Services CLOSED
Crisis Services CLOSED
Hospital and Outpatient Services OPEN - October 7 - November 18
Rehabilitation ServicesNovember 25 - December 30