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Credentialing Review (407) Program                      

Psychology Prescribing      
Technical Committee Meetings
​Date ​Time ​Location ​Minutes
​9:00 a.m. ​NE State Office Bldg
​12:30 p.m. ​NE State Office Bldg
​12:30 p.m.

Hearing Rm 1510
Nebraska State Capitol Bldg Lincoln NE

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent
Response to Letter of Intent

Applicant's Proposal

Prescription Certificate

Public Hearing

Format and Procedures for the Public Hearing on the Psychology Prescribing Proposal July 20, 2017

Committee Questions

Dering-Anderson Questions
Connelly Additional Questions
Sandstrom Questions
Nebraska Psychological Association Responses to Questions of the Technical Review Committee

Related Documents

Criteria Worksheet for Technical Review Committee Members
Videos Addressing the 6 Criteria
NMSU Practicum Manual
New Mexico Sunset Report
New Mexico Requirements for Prescription Certificates
Review of Psychotropic Medications


Ally Letter
Bullock Letter
Campbell Letter
Carrizales Letter
Conner Letter
Consumer Letter - Ashley
Consumer Survey Report - Scottsbluff
Consumer Survey Results: Beatrice Residents
Ernst Letter
Fineberg Letter
Hill Letter
Howton Letter
Impact of RxP in Louisiana
Kilgore Letter
Kimzey Letter
Marquez Letter
McGrath Letter
Mercer Letter
Merritt Letter
Miller Letter
Nebraska Psychological Association Responses to Letters of Opposition
Nebraska Psychological Association Responses to Questions from the Technical Review Committee
Nordal Letter
Panhandle Medical Professionals Letters
Ray Letter
Reyes and Hanshaw Letters
Schaffer Letter
Schroeder Letter
Sherrill Letter
Tackett Letter
Talbot Letter


AACAP Letter
Allaire Letter
AMA/Madara Letter
AMA/Madara Letter Attachments
American Psychiatric Association Opposition Letter
Balasanova Letter
Bhatia Letter
Bittner Letter
Brooks Letter
Brooks Questions RE: Apparent Inconsistencies in Psychologist Prescribing Application
Byrd Letter
Chesen Letter
Dobbertin Letter
Ellis E-mail
Fleming Letter
Hanzel E-mail
Harper E-mail
Hartmann Letter
Hovav Letter
Kaplan-List E-mail
Kim E-mail
King E-mail
Koch E-mail
Kricsfeld E-mail
Kricsfeld, Rachel Email
Lacey Letter
Lincoln Pediatric Group Letter
Luckey Letter
Masada Letter
McGee E-mail
Michael and Scanlan Letter
Miles E-mail
NAFP Letter
Nasrallah Letter
NMA Pankratz Letter
Ourada Letter
Paul Letter
Robertson Letter
Roy Letter
Vlach Letter
Wetzel Letter
Willett E-mail
Zinman E-mail


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