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Nebraska Behavioral Health All-Hazards Disaster Response and Recovery Plan.pdf
DOC00004Guidance DocumentNE Behavioral Health All-Hazards Disaster Response and Recovery Plan7/11/2017 3:12 PMSystem AccountBehavioral HealthNeb. Rev. Stat. 71-805 to 71-807 / 206 NAC 4-001.05Approved
Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act Reference Manual 2015.pdf
DOC00003Guidance DocumentNE Mental Health Commitment Act serves a purpose in protecting those with a mental illness who are  not capable of caring for themselves in a safe manner.  It is a complicated law which if misued violates individuals' civil rights.7/11/2017 3:11 PMSystem AccountBehavioral Health206 NAC 7 / Neb Rev Stat 71-916Approved
Protective Factors Field Guide.pdf
DOC00007Alternative ResponseDirection to StaffList of Protective Factors Workers assess of the parents capacity to protect the child7/11/2017 3:11 PMSystem AccountChildren & Family ServicesNRS 28-712Approved