Geographic Information System

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services GIS was founded in 2003 with Bioterrorism Grant funding from the CDC. In 2003 DHHS had only a few GIS users with mapping capability. Now in 2007 we have GIS users across Nebraska; we have users in most of our 20 local health departments and many users within the State Office Building.

We are currently engaged in providing Intranet and Internet GIS to our constituents in the field and other public health partners across the state ( Interactive GIS website - view your local health facility by zip code or county). Several mapping projects are underway for various departments that range from Drought, Water Security, Medicaid, Radon, Behavioral Health, the Cancer Registry and many others. E-mail us today if you need a map. Geocoding is always a constant and health facilities are constantly being updated to provide the most accurate and up to date information.

Our mission is to support the activities of the agency and public health partners of the State of Nebraska by providing and maintaining accurate, current and complete public health geospatial data. This support will be provided through techniques collectively referred to as a Geographic Information System.

Using the Geographic Information System (GIS), the staff will enable the DHHS policy makers who will make decisions impacting the future of the citizens of the State of Nebraska in an informed and logical manner.

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